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Greetings Rohanians,

The following has been conducted during maintenance of 09/23:

  • Special Services Processed
  • EM Transactions Refreshed (08/26/2014 12:00AM Pacific Time)
  • Routine Server Maintenance Conducted

Game Parlor: 
Jackpot will be activated promptly

In-Game Changes: 

Survival Arena Update 
Current Starting Time of Survival Arena is 11:35PM however this will be changed to 1:00PM Server Time in our upcoming maintenance.

Fortune Treasure Pocket Season 4
(Available for Ran & Jin Only)

Elemental Dungeon Elements Boost 
We have activated some Element Boosts in order for users to have a better chance in surviving throughout the Elemental Dungeon.
All details will be announced soon.

Chimera Accessories [Isen] 
The accessories have been updated and the NPC Oriana will now sell you these items.
Due to the items being removed in some of the player's alt characters we have provided the players who did not refund the Chimera Accessories a total of 150,000,000 crones in their character's Event Inventory so they can purchase the Chimera Accessories they desire instead of us providing the accessories.

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