YNK Interactive Acquires New Partners in Latin America

Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive has announced that key online publishing partnerships have been acquired to further expand, reach and target gamers for the Multi-language MMORPG,R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud. With strong gaming experience and presence held by BILA and FHL games within Mexico and Peru, newly acquired partners will play a critical role by enhancing and offering new events and play styles for the Spanish speaking gaming community in South America.

BILA and FHL games will be channeling R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud and offer Spanish speaking gamers an enhanced Spanish language gaming service through their respective game portals. Utilizing the optimized Multi-language game client provided by YNK Interactive, new players who register and join through BILA and FHL game portals, will be able to enter and compete within the global servers against fellow R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud enthusiasts around the world. With the continued growth of the Latin American presence within the world of R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud, Spanish speaking gamers unite to form guilds and alliances to continue to fight for top ranks and supremacy within Township Battles and Guild Warfare.

Key Partnership Features:

  • Multi-language client for Spanish speaking gaming communities
  • Exclusive in-game and offline events for Spanish speaking gamers in South America
  • Custom and localized events for R.O.H.A.N: Blood Feud players in Mexico and Peru

BILA and FHL Spanish language channeled game service of ROHAN: Blood Feud launched officially on October 23, 2012. To celebrate the new channeling services of FHL and BILA games, be sure to check out the exclusive launch events located on their official game portals, www.kaybo.com and www.bilagames.com.

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