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ROHAN: Blood Feud

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Seal Online Evolution

Find adventures, treasures, and even love.

ROHAN: Blood Feud

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game is a rich and expansive persistent online world, set on the continent of Rohan. The land is full of quests to embark upon, from simple to glorious. Friends and enemies will be made and lost, spectacular battles will be fought, and an abundance of unique game features will keep players on the edge of their gaming seats.

Seal Online

Internationally popular fantasy cartoon-rendered 3D MMORPG for the PC. Search for riches in a fantastic land, complete hundreds of quests, and join with friends worldwide to keep your homeworld of Shiltz safe.

The Giants are here!
The 7th race of Rohan: Blood Feud is finally here. With their hideous horned appearance, the Giants have come to wreak havoc through the Rohan continent — joining the Humans, Dark Elves, Dekans, Elves, Half Elves, and Dhans. Click here for the latest YNK Interactive news.

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